h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
h-farm innovation becomes maize
H-FARM Innovation becomes MAIZE.
It’s still us: same spirit, but new ambitions
and a different name.
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We are a novel consultancy.

Our work converges thought with action and creativity with processes. Thought to understand and action to deliver. We are creatives but haven’t given up on process.

We exist to solve contemporary dilemmas.

We design solutions that make a concrete impact on organizations and shift people’s mindsets. We work at the intersection of strategy, business, design, technology and culture. We help companies address complexity by redefining and accelerating their innovation processes.

We study sociological and technological phenomena that impact the competitive landscape.

We accompany organizations in defining their innovation strategy as they transform their business, processes, and culture. Our expertise range from data-driven and technology-enabled solutions to customer experience, organizational design, and people empowerment.

Our values

  • Exploration
    We are always on the move, searching, experimenting and looking 
for new frontiers. We interpret the present and look forward to the future.
  • Hands-on
    We don’t just advise, we make things happen, fast, focused, and with 
no frills. In a fast-moving reality sometimes done is better than perfect.
  • Fluidity
    We strategically mutate and evolve as the world transforms. 
Change happens at the boundaries between the known and unknown.
  • Authenticity
    We spontaneously transform our beliefs into genuine actions that are coherent with our purpose, culture and skills. Just keep it real.
  • Collaboration
    We prefer to co-create together, off the shelf is not our thing. Alone is nice, together is better.
  • Humanship
    We act with kindness and establish warm relations based on trust and empathy. People never forget how you make them feel.

Our operating system

We experience innovation every day because our own organization is the first one we continuously transform. We thrive to be the place everyone wants to work for, simply because of how we are and what we stand for: a distributed system encouraging autonomy and self-accomplishment. Our own transformation started a few years ago, it is still ongoing and will probably never end.

  • Consultancy
  • Design/Tech Company
  • Creative Agency
  • H-FARM Innovation

Our origins

There were only a few of us in the beginning, just like any startup that was growing here in H-FARM. Organized in three areas of expertise — technology, design, and story — our teams were led by three experts who defined the roadmap for our strategic growth. We expanded fast, stretching the boundaries of our own organization to the limit, this is when we started asking some fundamental questions.

  • Does it make sense to limit a strategic vision to only a few people?
  • How do we give room and freedom for individual growth and aspirations?
  • How do we bring the right people on board?

Starting from scratch

  • We decided to put egos and roles aside and to reinvent our organization, this time involving everyone. Today we are more than 120 professionals and there are no siloed areas, there are no units, and no designated leaders, nor staff or supporting roles. Responsibilities are distributed among team members and every person is free to determine their own growing path.
  • Teams are formed based on two main criteria that are not mutually exclusive: project teams, responsible for delivering the initiatives and projects we design and implement for our customers, and crew teams, that are in charge of our research and development activities and therefore responsible for expanding our boundaries, and challenging what we know and what we do by experimenting new things.
  • Our culture fuels our desire to explore, discover and constantly innovate. We continue asking questions that are fundamental for our operating system. The answers we find constantly remind us that being coherent is the first step for building trust and ongoing credibility.

Let’s Talk!

Pick a channel and start a conversation.

Contact us if you are looking for collaboration opportunities, general inquiries, or simply want to talk.
Could we invent a more powerful, more soulful, more meaningful way to work together, if only we change our belief system?
Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations