CREWS 2021 → Stories of experimentation from our R&D teams

The agenda




Tomas Barazza

Partner at H-FARM Innovation

Over the past four years, we have welcomed innovation through our Crews program, a fun concept set up to manage our R&D efforts; with few rules and a lot of freedom. In a way, Crews work like in-house startups on a deadline, in that they have 4 months to develop their ideas. Those ideas can birth massive projects: indeed, many of them have eventually become an integral part of our offering, substantially bettering our internal processes.



Antonio Mazzei

Team → Francesca Alloatti, Alessio Bosca, Elisa Canini

When tones of voice, expressions, and faces are swapped in favor of digital communications, how can one understand how the people in a team are actually doing? This project explores a different way of monitoring and understanding the emotional states of a workgroup (such as enthusiasm, frustration, and stress) with the help of AI.



Visual Dialog


Francesca Alloatti

Team → Carlo Alberto Bosco, Edoardo Cordani, Michele Ferro, Mirko Maderna, Riccardo Tasso, Raffaella Ventaglio

Visual Dialog is the result of a research work materialized into a tool that optimizes the conversational assistants’ planning activity, from the dialog flow modeling to their implementation.



Data Journey


Matteo Caserio

Team → Milad Botros, Elisa Canini, Giacomo Flaim

Answering a client’s specific demands requires a lot of data and a guided path. Data Journey is an attempt to answer this need through a narrative dashboard that puts together a guided approach to a more free, research-oriented one.





Riccardo Trabattoni

Team → Max Garavet, Giulia Di Gregorio, Valentina Lunardi, Susanna Marchini, Valentina Paruzzi, Alessandro Zangirolami

This project adopts a new approach to audio branding that allows for better communication and understanding between experts and outsiders of the musical world. Its aim is to value the sound-related component of a brand’s overall strategy.



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