CREWS 2022 → Stories of experimentation from our R&D teams

The agenda




Guido Polcan

Principal at H-FARM Innovation

Over the past five years, we have welcomed innovation through our Crews program, a fun concept set up to manage our R&D efforts; with few rules and a lot of freedom. In a way, Crews work like in-house startups on a deadline, in that they have 4 months to develop their ideas. Those ideas can birth massive projects: indeed, many of them have eventually become an integral part of our offering, substantially bettering our internal processes.



Nazareno De Francesco

Team → Andrea Bolioli, Alessio Bosca, Federico Criscuolo, Nadia Poli, Riccardo Tasso

Tipi → Elisa Cucchetto, Francesco Tarasconi

Is it possible to imagine AIs as valid support to humans? An analysis of the new GPT-3 model to experiment with its generation, reasoning, and generalization capabilities.





Gilberto Pastorella

Team → Giovanni Binello, Andrea Bolioli, Elisa Canini, Nicola Gubernale, Carlo Maria Rinaldi, Francesco Tarasconi

Tipo → Federico Criscuolo

Can a scientific approach support managers in their more strategic decisions? A new work framework was developed starting from a Bocconi University study, to choose in a more structured way, opening up to the use of different data sources.





Luca Desogus

Team → Giulia Balboni, Martina Cotella, Adriana De Matteis, Giulia Di Gregorio, Mariafrancesca Guadalupi, Margherita Torre

Tipi → Carlo Asta, Vittorio Di Tomaso

As humans, we are — more or less knowingly — subject to all kinds of bias, including those related to the workplace. Prisma tries to offer companies a debiasing path to promote a more inclusive workplace that is open to the genuine appreciation of people.



Burning Issues


Nadia Poli

Team → Chiara Albano, Marzia Giuditta Anelli, Irene Benedetto, Maddalena Bogni, Andrea Lacavalla

Tipo → Ryslaine Moulay

An innovative framework to support organizations in considering the social and environmental impact of a project, from the initial, idea generation phase through to its complete development cycle. Five theme-based clusters and one tool that, through a proprietary algorithm, generate synthetic assessments, helping the ideas’ and projects’ selection.





Raffaella Ventaglio

Team → Chiara Albano, Alessio Bosca, Nazareno De Francesco, Luca Gaverina, Francesca Pizzutilo, Marco Zoffoli

Tipo → Antonio Mazzei

Can voice make interacting with a VR environment even more immediate and natural? This project explored the integration of a conversational agent into a digital environment, with the aid of a photography assistant that helps in creating the optimal layout for a photoshoot.



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