Tackling challenges with the right ingredients

We study sociological and technological phenomena that impact the competitive landscape. We accompany organizations in defining their innovation strategy as they transform their business, processes and culture.

Our expertise range from data driven and technology enabled solutions to customer experience, organizational design and people empowerment.

We work at the intersection of:

  • Strategy Define your trajectories
    • Data Sourcing

      Searching and extracting relevant data out of authentic and reliable sources inside and outside the organization.

    • Insights & Phenomena

      Recognising phenomena and generating insights that go beyond momentary trends in a sensemaking process combining intuition and science.

    • Innovation Strategy Roadmap

      Designing for tangible change with a visionary approach and solid insights for rapidly evolving markets.

  • Business Bring real value
    • New Venture

      Investing in incremental innovation that can rapidly shift between adjacent opportunities and new business with a startup attitude and speed.

    • Go-to-Market

      Turning the entire organisation into a proactive retail machine expanding boundaries and extending reach.

    • Process Optimization

      Aligning the entire operational machine to support delivery while leveraging technology and internal creative assets.

    • Sustainability

      Defining the necessary steps for creating a meaningful impact aligning business and engaging both internal and external communities

  • Design Reinvent your connections
    • Experience Design

      Transforming interaction with brands into an emotional and memorable experience that extends engagement beyond products or services.

    • Service & Product Design

      Applying a user centric approach to the design of new solutions focusing on prototypes and a scenario based process.

    • Content Design

      Rethinking of brands as contemporary media companies that are able to narrate their existence through various engaging formats, visuals and channels.

    • Visual & Interaction Design

      Creating a visual language that is capable to intuitively reflect the brand, its values and range of offering.

  • Technology Devise your solution
    • Platforms

      Hands on development of technological solutions cross devices and cross platforms

    • Language Processing

      Using technology to process natural language interaction using multiple devices and formats.

    • Data Science

      Extracting intelligence from legacy data and transforming it into business opportunities building tangible scenarios.

    • 3D and Immersive Reality

      Integrating 3D technologies across the entire value chain, connecting productive functions in an intelligent and collaborative process.

  • Culture Make it your own
    • Learn & Growth

      Supporting organizations in creating a learning culture that promotes evolution and integration of innovative processes while empowering people.

    • Internal Communication

      Using corporate voice to design new forms of dialogs through multiple communication channels in order to create solid communities both within and outside their organization.

    • Organizational Design

      The ability to rapidly mutate and respond to external stimuli and input that challenge organizations and their operating system.

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