Create experiences and journeys that influence organizational culture and accompany individuals in evolving their talents, skills and knowledge.

Learn & Growth

Learning and growing happen at key moments that matter, out of curiosity, formal or informal, in our private life or work. As people empowerment is an intrinsic part of our culture and heritage we have created solutions out of deep understanding of what appeals to the modern employee. We use a human centric approach to design solutions that reintroduce and build on the value of learning while promoting a growth culture that is based on personal objectives, a sharing attitude, level of impact and collaborative education that expands across communities of knowledge within organizations that value performance and innovative ways of measuring it.

Internal Communication

We ourselves are made of stories that define us and the relationships we form both as protagonists and spectators. Communicating and relating within an organization implies sparking interest, bringing people on board, creating a community and opening up a dialogue both within the organization and outside. It means spreading values and knowledge and arousing both curiosity and wonder in what a business does and how it runs. We do this by bringing communication and interaction dynamics into companies, with a set of online and offline proposals combining storytelling, gamification, peer-to-peer solutions, and design.

Organizational Design

Organizational design refers to the fundamental principles, vision and methods that are used to imagine new forms of organizational evolution that is needed to manage transition and complexity. We try to understand what characterizes decision making processes, what are the values that drive those decisions, how information is shared, how employees perceive and act on those decisions and whether the have the right skills. Organizational design is a human centric process that requires deep understanding of both business aspects as well as people and change management challenges.