The power of interpreting data and emerging signals, and transforming them into tangible insights that help reposition your business and align it to ongoing shifts in the market.

Data Sourcing

Much has been made of the importance of data in the digital economy — an asset so critical that it undergirds the entire operational structure. Yet for all the value being ascribed to data, there is less consideration for how that data is generated and collected. The choice of applied methodology, the ability to generate valuable data, the choice of sources, and the synthesis of data are actually all key steps for building the right design foundation.

That’s why we not only believe in the power of data, but think that knowing where and how to collect it is just as important as analyzing it to generate value. We apply a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including observations, case study gathering, textual or visual analysis, interviews etc.

Insights & Phenomena

Based on data analysis, the recognition of phenomena and the generation of insights involves coming up with a plausible understanding — a map — of a shifting world. Sensemaking enables organizations and leaders to have a better grasp of what is going on in their environments, thus facilitating other strategic activities such as envisioning, planning, and testing ideas.

In the midst of enormous global change, we developed the capacity to move between heuristics and algorithm, intuition and logic, inductive and deductive analysis, continuously looking for and providing evidence, and generating sense to design future scenarios.

Innovation Strategy Roadmap

In fast moving markets with fierce unexpected competition designing for change must be aligned with tangible solutions and a visionary outlook that is based on sourceful data and relevant insight.

We designed a process in which customer needs are analysed to produce relevant signals that can then be converted through an envisioning exercise, into an effective narrative and feasible scenarios that focus on new valuable offerings and innovative solutions to be launched into the market.