Using advanced technologies to build state of the art solutions in order to position innovation in the heart of every strategic transformation.


As a pivotal component of effective transformation we understand how crucial it is for companies to start with a concrete definition of their technological evolution. We uncover solutions that can be easily embedded in a seamless way into the overall architecture while focusing on system integration and strategic support needed from technological solutions.

Language Processing

To live and thrive in today’s world — meaningfully called “The Infosphere” — Artificial Intelligence and Language Technology are essential tools. Through a combination of Machine Learning and language interpretation, we help people to communicate naturally with the devices and systems that increasingly populate our world, to extract relevant information from the universe of data, to gain insights to solve their business dilemmas. Thanks to our state-of-the-art proprietary technology, we offer a range of natural language and AI-based products and solutions that have already been tested and adopted in successful projects with primary customers.

Data Science

Each company has data assets that derive from the performance of its activities. These have different natures, come from different sources and are collected in containers and with often different logics. Harnessing the potential of this heritage is a path made up of iterative cycles in which to understand the needs of the business, develop models to respond, test them and build incrementally on them.

3D & Immersive Reality

The use of 3D technology has made an evolutionary shift from the mere pre-visualization of products to a real tool of design that is used throughout the entire product creation value chain.

The software solutions available today are user friendly and can be easily integrated to the whole working process, even a better dialogue with the Supply Chain. Other 3D opportunities emerge in the AR/VR field offering brands the chance to create customer experiences and learning solutions for both internal and external use. In our studio, we use computer generated images for prototyping, the design of entire creative and production processes, retail experiences, training simulations etc.