An immersive tour of the ECONYL® brand

  • 3D and Immersive Reality
  • Culture
  • Content Design
  • 2022
  • Challenge
    Transform the traditional in-person visit to manufacturing plants into a 100% digital and remote visit.
  • Solution
    An experience that mixes tv and cinematic styles welcomes and engages the viewer through a visual journey inside ECONYL®, its uniqueness and locations.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a product of Aquafil, a global leader in the synthetic fibre industry and a pioneer in quality, innovation, and sustainability.


Aquafil asked us to rethink the traditional in-person tour of the U.S. and Slovenian plants to offer a remote experience and take users on a discovery journey of its innovative nylon 6 regenerating process.

ECONYL® on air aims to build a digital solution that allows the client to organize and deliver immersive virtual tour experiences of the Slovenian plants where ECONYL® is produced.


After an analysis and site inspection phase, aimed at understanding the context and content for the creation of the experience, we built an online platform that allows delivering broadcast and live-streaming content, according to a narrative scheme designed to be effective and engaging for the users involved in the experience.

The platform is designed to facilitate the organization of the virtual visit: it provides a simple dashboard that allows the ECONYL® team to organize visit sessions and manage participants.


The experience involves all users logging on to the platform. The visit flow includes broadcast sessions, during which participants are invited to simultaneously watch video content and live-streaming Q&A sessions during which users can engage with each other, ask questions, and interact in real-time, thanks to an integrated video conferencing space.


The experience is divided into chapters, which correspond to the four phases of the ECONYL® product life cycle.