Industry 4.0, a learning program for the Italian Chamber of Commerce

  • Culture
  • Learn & Growth
  • 2018
  • Challenge
    Designing Industry 4.0 training for Digital Promoters, a group of qualified professionals promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce system.
  • Result
    We hosted 200 Digital Promoters from all over Italy and helped them to complete their training on Industry 4.0 topics through lectures, inspirational speeches, training activities and practical workshops, business games and visits to innovative companies.

Associations supporting businesses, such as the Chambers of Commerce, need to keep abreast of Industry 4.0 topics and offer the necessary support to companies in their network. This is why Unioncamere contacted us to train Digital Promoters who are Industry 4.0 and digital topic experts.

In order to find out its level of digital maturity, each company can get a full picture of its 4.0 level through SELFI4.0, the self-assessment test developed by the Chambers of Commerce, which is available online from the PID portal. After this first assessment, each company can contact the PID (Punti Impresa Digitale) offices of its Chamber of Commerce directly to book a guided assessment with a qualified professional, i.e. a Digital Promoter.

The training program we designed to complement the Digital Promoter training lasted one week, during which participants were given basic knowledge to be able to understand and analyze Industry 4.0 issues and the related context in order to provide companies that need help with these issues with the best possible support.

While technical expertise is essential to guide companies through the process of digitalization and technology implementation, it is also necessary for Chambers of Commerce to take a new approach to help change the mindset of companies. This training was aimed not only at understanding Industry 4.0 issues but also at arousing interest and curiosity as well as encouraging the ability to analyze and understand the various contexts and the links between the content covered, the ability to work in a team, problem-solving and problem setting skills, and Design Thinking methodologies.